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by Deidre McCalla

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When The Ground Shifts In the blink of an eye Clear out of left field With a turn of the head It didn’t even seem real There was no warning there was no sign Everything shatters in a moment of time (chorus) When the ground shifts away from you In a way you didn’t even know A world could move A world can move Who even knew a world could move All of our hopes All our dreams Trapped in the current And swept downstream Humbled by forces beyond your control And you doubt that you'll ever find a way to be whole…(chorus) You did nothing wrong Some things are bigger than you There was nothing you could say There was nothing you could do Just try to hold on Break it down into tiny little steps Take care of yourself Ask for help Yes you played by all the rules And it feels like the deck has been stacked When it comes down to it There’s no hiding from the fact that Sometimes life is cruel… (chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
Shoulder To The Wheel Her day begins long before the dawn Food’s on the table and the coffee’s on Her kids are dressed and headed off to school They know mama don’t play so don’t act the fool Keys in hand her eyes on the prize Always working… (chorus) Shoulder to the wheel Stone by stone Shoulder to the wheel Stone by stone Shoulder to the wheel Stone by stone Stone by stone He loves the quiet of the rig at night He checks the GPS by the pale moonlight Six hours in five more to go Miles and minutes the trucker’s load The ribbon highway stretches without end Each inch traveled…(chorus) Since time has begun The work of the world has been done By those who rise to the task Without fanfare or ego With steadfast intention go Shoulder to the wheel We have the courage we have the will To keep moving forward though it’s all uphill The road is rocky the road is long But our eyes are clear and our hearts are strong There is nothing we cannot achieve As long as we build…(chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
Banana Moon Sky Grandpa’s salt and pepper gray Peeks out from his cap Grandma fumbles with the radio Strapped into a carseat Waking from a nap And rocking with the rhythm of the road Safe within their circle Protected by their care Delightfully enchanted By the magic in the air (chorus) Above me mighty stars Blaze into the night A place where hopes and dreams Learn to fly Banana Moon Sky Banana Moon Sky I am the ruler of the world Tumbling down the streets My conquered landscapes Fading into dream The afternoon adventure Has quickly turned into retreat As I race the street lights slowly warming beam As dusk settles the city I do not feel alone I know I have a compass And it always leads me home...(chorus) Every child deserves to know a place where they belong To have their days of wonder and shelter from the storm And now I'm a mother My child sits in the back He quietly fumbles with a radio Strapped into a booster seat Waking from a nap And rocking with the rhythm of the road Safe within my circle Protected by my care He points outside the window To the magic in the air...(chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
Nothing To Prove (chorus) Nothing to prove Nothing to lose Sometimes walking away Is the best move to make That burden you bear Will never compare To the freedom you'll know And the warm breeze that blows If you just let it go You're not gonna win that fight Staying up all night Won't change a thing Won't soothe the sting Of a war that was waged With words carelessly played And no real regard For the damage they caused...(chorus) It's hard to convince the soul What it can and cannot control When to stand for what's right When it's not worth the fight If all you can gain Is contempt and disdain You have mortgaged your hell With a piece of yourself There's no turning back The papers are sealed Forgiveness will come in time As you begin to heal...(chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
One Foot 04:29
One Foot I live in a small house On the end of a quiet street Just doing my best To take care of my family I work pretty long hours Lately I feel my age Dodging every bullet Resolute and fluid Laughing as I skirt by Another close shave (chorus) One foot in front of the other I am one step behind it all Time never stops The clock just keeps marching on Marching on marching on Marching on marching on Everyday has its problems Every night has its own reward Every dawn ambles on Of its own accord Joy and sorrow Are borne on a loving wind With simple dedication Every generation Holding it together For family and friends...(chorus) There are moments I want to throw the towel in But it would be just my luck to find I need it back again At the edge of the morning As coral light bleeds to gray The sky catches in your breath And you greet the day With the art of a trickster And a well-rehearsed slight of hand Steady as a heart beat Moving down each new street Needing to believe We are part of some plan...(chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
Halfway Down The Highway Late autumn The trees are standing bare Winter’s coming Her sharp breath whistles in the air My jacket is no match Against this ever creeping cold That seeks to overwhelm me As I journey on this road (chorus) Halfway down the highway to salvation Halfway down the highway to salvation Halfway down the highway to salvation Heading home Our choices Are rarely clear as day Sometimes we wander Before we ever find our way I was dancing in the flame of candles Burning at both ends And watched the dying ashes Ghost and scatter in the wind…(chorus) Stripped of all pretension When dreams have turned to dust And there’s nothing left For anyone to take Stand before a mirror Stare into the core It’s there you’ll find The piece you need to save…(chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
Even Now 04:31
Even Now There’s a stillness in this dusty room That greets me everyday On the shelves lie bits of memories I can’t quite pack away You’d think that by this time The stars would realign Yet somehow I still find (chorus) Even now your laughter lingers Even now I can still feel your smile Even now my heart hears your whisper in the wind We were fearless we were warriors The world was our domain True believers in the dreams That danced before us right as rain We knew where we belonged The road stretched on and on I blinked and you were gone...(chorus) How do I find direction How will I ever breach this pain Under the weight of this hollow Will I ever breathe again Every season swells with wonder Then begs to be released And in time even a world of hurt Will come to rest in peace Out the corner of my eye Sometimes I’ll catch a spark of light Your shimmer burning bright...(chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
Amaryllis 03:32
Amaryllis Tentative smiles teased from a distance We bashfully bantered most of the night The music played on as the rest of the party Faded from our sight (chorus) Amaryllis I could see it Bloom in the deep of her eyes When she touched me I knew somehow I'd waited all of my life For just one night When I would know the charm Of lying in the grace of someone's arms How do you know if you're flying or falling Where does the sound of a heartbeat begin Dazzled and dazed by the depth of a longing Pouring fire through my skin...(chorus) We are travelers Yearning to be redeemed Ever searching for that moment We are finally seen Tracing her curves with the tip of my finger Undone by the rhythm of each murmured sigh Down on my knees in joyful relief Howling at the sky...(chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
All Night Long The moonlight falls like water And splashes on your hair Your countenance so peaceful With its childlike debonair A midnight meditation The vigil I meet keep Before I rest I stop a moment Just to watch your sleep (chorus) I cannot live in your dreams I cannot keep you from harm But oh your mama Can sing to you sweetly All night long All night long You look to me for answers I pretend I have a few For children need an anchor And that’s what parents do But in a guarded corner Lies a secret we conceal There are limits to our power There are hurts our love won’t heal…(chorus) Danger may wait within the shadows But angels are poised to guide you home May the memory of this melody sustain you As you face each new unknown…(chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI)
That’s How We Pray As far as you can see On a crisp clear day For all that we have lost Life still finds a way Every note we’ve ever sung still rings The coldest winter frost Will finally pass with Spring The roads that led us here Were knit by fate No matter how we try There is no escape We will know joy we will know loss and pain We will know love Whose fickle wants will wax and wane (chorus) Our wounds are deep And so’s our laughter The thread that joins them Informs our faith And if you need a place to shelter Come join the dance That’s how we pray We riddle through our days As we try to grasp How the answers are less prime Than the questions asked Time hold us in a warm embrace And gives each waking moment Some small share of grace…(chorus) Nothing’s ever promised We’ve learned how to survive By choosing to make Caring for each other be the guide...(chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved
I Do Not Walk This Path Alone (chorus) I do not walk this path alone No matter where I'm bound We all stand on someone's shoulders When we reach for higher ground My Mama taught me right from wrong She was my first rhythm my first song And through my father's knowing gaze I marked the measure of my days The people of my ancestry Died building this road for me The fruit of their proud sacrifice Comes down to me as my birthright...(chorus) Beyond the bonds of kith and kin Lie the brawny hearts of my precious friends They daily travel by my side A source of strength my chosen tribe There are legions I will never see Fighting the good fight with me They soldier on with endless grace So the world can be a better place...(chorus) One more companion lights my way And eases my load every day Though known by many different names Spirit guides us all the same...(chorus) Deidre McCalla ©2022 Chetwood Arts Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved


ENDLESS GRACE, Deidre McCalla’s fifth independent album, is the bold statement of an artist confidently claiming her place in the world and relentlessly affirming the power and diversity of the human spirit. A Black woman, mother, lesbian, feminist, and performing songwriter for almost fifty years, Deidre has crafted a collection of songs on ENDLESS GRACE that exhibit an unyieldingly honest perspective grounded in her life and expressed with a lyric touch that is simple and direct. The songs tap a variety of musical styles with Deidre’s vocal the connecting thread drawing the listener in with rich warmth and a feather-light depth. ENDLESS GRACE sings of our promise and imperfections and celebrates our capacity to persevere.


released May 5, 2022



all rights reserved



Deidre McCalla Atlanta, Georgia

A dreadlocked troubadour, Deidre McCalla has plied her distinctive brand of contemporary acoustic folk for over five decades delighting audiences with her powerful songwriting, expressive vocals, and deft guitar work. Her songs- a rich blend of folk, rock, country and pop - are artfully crafted and unabashedly celebrate the power and diversity of the human spirit. ... more

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